Rosalind Gabriel’s History in Carnival

With over 36 years of experience, innovation and expertise in producing children’s carnival costumes and bands, Rosalind Gabriel has proven her talents as a significant and prolific female band leader and has indelibly woven her name and style into the fabric and history of children’s carnival.

During the period 1977 to 1988, her efforts were principally in the production of individual character costumes for her own son and daughter, both of whom won king and queen titles of practically all privately run and state sponsored national Competitions. In this early period she worked with almost every prolific designer and wire bender. To name a few would be Peter Minshall, Steven Lee Heung, and Stephen Sheppard & Stacy Wells partnership, Wayne Berkeley, Cito Velasquez, Joanna Humphrey and John Humphrey and Nicole Cobham. It was during this time that Rosalind started her band beginning with about eight kids in order to meet a new CDC rule to qualify her King and Queen for the Saturday Children’s Parade of Bands. In 1997 Rosalind began working with designer Roger Myers and in 2001 to 2005 with Chris Santos & Gregory Medina. In 2006 & 2007, Rosalind designed her own productions with the help of illustrators.

Rosalind entered into the presentation of Large Bands in 1994, after a successful four-year spell in small and medium bands, starting in 1989. The following is a list of her productions until the present time:

1989 – Court of the Mythical Fire Opal 2002 – Long Time We Used To…
1990 – Let My People Go 2003 – Melting Pot
1991 – Time for a Tale 2004 – Nah Leavin
1992 – Thru My Magic Garden 2005 – A Pinch of Minsh
1993 – Coney Island 2006 – Mas! Mas! Ah Know Yuh Name…
1994 – Fantasea 2007 – Many Faces, One Nation
1995 – Amazing Space 2008 – Wings of Hope
1996 – Cote Ce Cote La 2009 – National Pride
1997 – We Are The World 2010 – Love Your Country
1998 – Tempo (Part 1/Trilogy) 2011 – The Story Teller
1999 – Carnival Time Again (Part 2/Trilogy) 2012 – 50 Years Gold
2000 – Panorama (Part 3/Trilogy) 2013 – Lost In Paradise, A Nancy Story
2001 – Enchantment, Who’s Hiding? 2014 – Colour My Culture

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